I have just spent a lovely afternoon in the Oxford studio of artist Muriel Mallows meeting her ninety year old tortoise and talking to her about her recent work. The studio is crammed with an eclectic collection of pots, bowls and jugs which she uses in her beautifully composed still life paintings. She juxtaposes these with flowers from the garden, a feather she has picked up on a walk, or a broken eggshell.

An ‘intimate painter’ Muriel is inspired by the everyday objects and people that fill her life. Her still life paintings are carefully set up before she starts work to create a contrast of colours, textures and shapes before she starts to paint. 

She prepares her boards carefully before starting work and all her paintings are beautifully framed in her hand painted frames.

I particularly liked the bowl of daffodils on the windowsill and the sparkling mackerel on the fish counter in her local supermarket. I look forward to her new collection for the Hackwood Summer Exhibition.


Promise of Spring

Fresh Counters