‘Beachscape Sutherland,’ 2003, Silkscreen, print in colours, signed and numbered 169/195 in pencil. 60.5cm x 77.5cm (Above)

Four stunning new prints now available by Donald Hamilton Fraser RA (1929-2009).  After completing his national service in 1949, Fraser started to study to become an artist, firstly at St. Martin’s School of Art from 1949-1952.  He was awarded a French government Scholarship to study in Paris and it was there that he began to find his own voice as an artist.  In1957 he became visiting tutor at the Royal College of Art until 1983.

Fraser has had many solo exhibitions throughout the world and exhibited with Bohun Gallery from 1977 – 1994 as well as with CCA Gallery.  

Fraser was made a fellow on the Royal College of art in 1970 and was elected Royal Academician in 1985 and a Trustee of the Royal Academy from 1994 – 2000.  He lived and worked in Henley-on-Thames.

Alongside his numerous solo exhibitions, Fraser’s work can be found in many public collections including:

HM The Queen

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts

National Gallery, New South Wales, Melbourne

Arts Council of Great Britain

British Government Art Collection

City Art Galleries: Hull, Nottingham, Reading, Cheltenham, Southampton, Guildford

At the extreme end of Fraser’s abstract spectrum, the influence of de Stael can clearly be seen to still be present in this depiction of the Scottish Coast line.

“Lindisfarne 1”, 1996, Silkscreen print in colours, signed and numbered 98/275 in pencil 48.5cm x 61.5cm Fraser painted Lindisfarne on several occasions, depicting it in a variety of weather conditions.  In this one he has shown the oppressive atmosphere of an imminent storm.  Half the monastery in is deep shadow as the storm clouds pass over, contrasting to the sunlight on the other half. 

“Western Crete”,2008 Silkscreen print in colours, signed and numbered 145/175 in pencil, 47cm x 61.5cm

“Beachscape Skerray” 2006 Silk screen print in colours, 137/175 in pencil 50cm x 62cm The limited palette of blue and yellow in this delightful scene are used to great effect. Ever drawn back to the Scottish Coastline that he loved so well, the contrast between the Clouds, sea and beach give great impact to this print.