Stephanie Cushing

Stephanie has worked as a sculptor and stone-carver for the last 12 years. Her work is mostly abstract, concentrating on shape and form with the early pieces carved in polyphant and limestone being inspired by natural forms in particular the sensuous shapes of seeds and fruits. Previous work in marble explored its fluidity aiming to make it appear malleable and pliable as if it has been gently coaxed and twisted into shape. Each new piece tends to be a progression from the last and is both a challenge to herself and the marble - she challenges herself to work with it thinner and finer, investigating the translucency that can be achieved. Most of her work exploits the whiteness of her favourite Carrera marble and she aims for a perfect smooth surface that begs to be caressed and stroked.


Stephanie came to art as a mature student, having had a career as a biologist with the Ministry of Agriculture for over 17 years. With a young family to concentrate on, she left the Civil service and trained, initially as a ceramicist, at the Royal Forest of Dean College and then studied Art at Stroud College. During this time she developed a love and fascination for modern sculpture, in particular the works of Brancusi, Hepworth and Moore. Attending a local sculpture class she quickly found an affinity with stone, enjoying the paring away of layers to reveal a new surface and creating new forms.