Domenica de Ferranti

Trained in classical bronze casting techniques in an Atelier in Florence, Domenica de Ferranti draws inspiration from her extensive travels. Now working from her studio in London, she frequently blurs the line between human and the animal, with works that often evoke hybrid forms enraptured in ecstatic movement and dance. Movement in de Ferrenti’s sculptures expresses wild, natural states and moments where "our most animal self" surfaces.


Predominantly using the lost wax process, though also working in wood and marble, her sculptures retain the trace of the artist's touch which invests the work with a living presence. She creates a highly expressive textural quality that suggests a primal energy inherent within everything she depicts, human and animal alike. Pulsating textural rhytms imply an energy bubbling just under the surface, as if her works could get up at any moment. Her subjects carry a powerful potential for movement and action. 

“As a sculptor, I aim to create work that is tactile. I am attracted to simple forms but also strive to provoke a deeper understanding of the subject through creating rhythms in the handling of each sculpture”.

Domenica works closely with a foundry in Basingstoke.