Brin Edwards b. 1957


Born in 1957 Edwards interest in birds dates from his early childhood spent in Singapore where he was captivated by the colourful tropical species in the garden of his family home, he went on to meet Peter Scott whose encouraging words to him as a child remain an inspiration to him to this day. Edwards went on to study Biology and Ecology at University and his interest in the visual aspect of wildlife encouraged him to build up a folio of work for a variety of UK and European book and magazine publishers.


These illustrations gradually led to him developing a more personal and expressive way of depicting the natural world in oil painting. This looser and atmospheric approach acts as an antidote to the precision of his illustration work with influence coming from the surrounding countryside of where he lives in Suffolk.


Most recently Edwards has started to explore the possibilities of creating works from memory alone, to try to set down images in his head which have become altered and abstracted with the passage of time giving his work a unique voice.