Julie Collins

Julie studied Fine Art painting at the University of Reading 1980-84 where she was taught by Mali Morris, Albert Irwin and Terry Frost. Influenced by the energy in their abstract expressionist work, Julie uses feeling in her landscapes where fine delicacy is combined with energy. 

Her working process includes painting and drawing plein air and making finished paintings in the studio. She enjoys the excitement and immediacy of working outside. She often sit on the beach painting the landscape and the people walking in the distance or standing at the waters edge. She will usually paint from memory in order to capture the feeling of the landscape and the people she has seen. The work she make gives an alternative view of reality, where subtle layers of paint and texture give a depth to each piece. Though a figure, bird or leaf may appear in a painting, their is a deeper message of beauty and sensitivity. Each piece is made as part of a series and as she paints she enjoys pushing the boundaries of the medium. When she works there is constant reference to nature and a desire to reach the heart of the matter.

She has been inspired and influenced by many artists, most notably Klee, Gwen John, Gormley, Turner, Rothko, Giacometti and the ancient frescoes that she has and studied on her travels to Italy and Greece, where fragments of images can be seen.