Taking inspiration from the rugged Cornish coastline Alex finds the sea and the energy it brings though wind and waves both compelling and relaxing. He aims to replicate the powerful feelings he experiences when standing at the edge of the ocean with a seemingly never-ending expanse of space before him. As a keen surfer, he paints seascapes as someone who both recognises the beauty of the sea and comprehends its might.


For Alex, the nature of the painting process is as important as the finished piece. He works both in and out of his studio, painting on a variety of surfaces including large size sheet canvas often using materials found on the beach to add depth and texture to his work. Although influenced by the Cornish coastline, he can never truly predict the nature of his finished piece and takes pleasure from this reflective quality of the painting process. His compulsion to create along with the contemplative nature of his artistic process adds a tangible intensity to his work.


“I've always loved the coast and the open expanse of the sea for the feeling of uninterrupted space it provides. Standing on a cliff or on the shore I can look out as far as my eye can see in to the horizon uninterrupted. My work seeks to capture the feelings I gather from these seemingly endless horizons during my frequent trips back to Cornwall visiting family, friends and my favourite locations, my home from home.” – Alex Morton