David Stubbs grew up in Sussex where he spent his teenage years painting both the Downs and still lifes. David studied at the Slade under Patrick George and Euan Uglow. In 1999 he moved back to Sussex to be close to the Downs again.


‘Still life painting is for me a constant experiment with composition, colour and tone. I often reconsider the painting in progress, change or move objects and backgrounds until I am satisfied. I revisit themes or objects that I have painted in the past.’


The single object is something he has explored through out his adult life, perhaps influenced by Rembrandt’s ‘Shell’ etching and Manet’s ‘Asparagus’. Later under the influence of  Euan Uglow, who was a teacher in the Slade life rooms during my time as a student, he produced many paintings of single fruit or bowls. In 1996 he exhibited an‘Apple’ in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (where his work is often to be seen).