Jonathan Fuller

Jonathan Fuller studied for a degree in Printed Textile Design at Glasgow School of Art, followed by an MA at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 1996.Over the last 14 years he has built up a successful textile print design business, with an international client base.He returned to Cornwall in 2005 to bring up his family and combines his design work with more personal projects. His love of the sea, surfing and the Cornish coastline, along with his eye for colour, form and texture has inspired his work.

His wall sculptures are assembled from salvaged pieces of sea glass collected from around the coast of Cornwall. These frosted shards are washed ashore having been tumbled by the elements against rocks and sand, creating smooth-shaped textured jewels. They are then carefully sorted and constructed into deceptively simple shapes. His colour graduations are subtle and beautiful; whilst the clever placement of the glass pieces conveys a sense of movement that mirrors the sea. The resultant artworks possess a quality that is strong and elemental.

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