Paul Treasure

Paul was born in 1961 in Gloucestershire and studied at Cheltenham College of Art, after which he spent two years working for a fine art auctioneer. He moved to London in 1985, where he worked as a professional artist, painting to commission for clients worldwide.

In 1991 he took a year’s sabbatical to travel and paint in Africa, India, Indonesia and South America. He moved to Hampshire in 1992, and the following year was commissioned to be expedition artist on the first ever crossing of the Taklamakan Desert in north west China for three months. The resultant work was exhibited at various shows including at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

Paul’s style is expressive, energetic and full of colour. His paintings capture the feeling and emotion of a place, whilst depicting the interplay between light, land, water and sky. His dramatic interpretations of the English landscape show his response to the ever-changing seasons, weather and light. His bold use of palette knife, brush strokes and mixed media result in distinctive mark-making which culminates in vigorous, textured landscapes.

He continues to exhibit around the country whilst still travelling abroad regularly to find inspiration for his paintings. His most recent work is inspired by a visit to India, finding on his return that spring had sprung and the magnolia trees were in full flower.

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