Tom Robb Estate: Selected works

Amanda Aldous Fine Art is delighted to have been asked to represent the estate of Tom Robb. 


Born in Edinburgh in 1933 as one of five chidren, Tom attended Carlisle College of Art before gaining a place at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in 1955.  There, under the tutelage of Carel Weight and John Minton he studied alongside Ken Howard and Fred Cuming, who became life-long friends. 


Robb was a popular and much-collected artist in the 1960's who exhibited regularly in Cork Street with the New Grafton Gallery and Whibley Fine Art. 


In the late 60’s he turned his back on the commercial art world and devoted his life to teaching.  His first post was at Hornsey College of Art as head of Foundation Studies and continued to work there when it became Middlesex University as head of the School of Fine Art.


On his retirement from teaching, he wrote several successful books about the art of painting [arts and skills required to produce good painting] in collaboration with the publisher, Phoebe Phillips. 


Robb continued to paint and draw throughout his life and his dramatic and, at the time, innovative work has been hidden from the public for almost seventy years.  It is therefore a real honour that with Tom Robb’s permission and that of his sons Jeff and Liam we are now able to present it to a wider audience.