Kathy Ramsay Carr British, b. 1952

Born in 1952, Kathy Ramsay Carr spent most of her childhood in British Columbia. She trained at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, before traveling to Mexico where she lived and worked for many years as head of Design in the National University of Mexico. She returned to the UK in the mid eighties and has been painting since. She now lives in Devon, working in a studio in her garden, and exhibits in London, St Ives and Cirencester.

“My abstract landscape paintings are about the relationship between earth, air and water, the spirit of nature and the extraordinary energy of the natural world around us.

I am at heart a colourist and am constantly involved in exploring tonal relationships, particularly when painting water. I relate landscape to the human heart, often solitary and contemplative. Sometimes a sense of an elevated viewpoint is present, as if from flight, and horizons come and go, vanishing into unending distance. 


I use oil paint in a very diluted form to keep it translucent, and love palette knives and large brushes, scraping off and re-applying the paint to build up texture. In some of the paintings I add long strips of torn up scrim to the canvas which I mould to the compositional landscape. Recently I have been working with ink on paper, from sketches done whilst out walking.”