Lin Osborn was awarded a scholarship to Harrow School of Art and went on to study at Surrey Institute of Art and Design, graduating in 2001 with a BA Hons in Fine Art. Then attending Winchester School of Art where she became increasingly interested in photography, and has since been awarded an Associateship by the Royal Photographic Society.

Osborn uses a series of small detailed photographs to create her original artworks. The subjects are typically ordinary objects taken from everyday life or the natural world and by repeating a series of images the artist is able to change the original isolated context. ‘En masse' the images have a power and beauty.

By focusing on topical themes a spirit of time and place is conveyed. In 'Rainbow' for example, Osborn uses single colour formations, placing together images of trivial household objects. The importance of branding on plastic carrier bags is highlighted, introducing an aspect of commercial and social history that is fast disappearing.

In ‘Dandelions' and ’Poppies' the inspiration comes from the subtle differences between apparently identical natural objects. Other works such as ’Doors’ have a historical and architectural interest.

Light Blocks

By using the light reflected from a number of coloured blocks Lin Osborn creates a beautifully changing piece of work.

As the angle of light changes throughout the day the different colours merge into one another therefore giving the appearance of life and movement within the piece.

As there is no artificial light in the piece its self it is therefore infinitely variable
depending on the available light source.