Lindsey Hambleton British, b. 1978

Born in Derbyshire, LIndsey studied at Manchester Metroplitan University and the University of Manchester.
Working mainly on wood panel, her recent paintings are often large in scale, with compositions inspired by well known places.  Lindsey's landscapes have strong structural elements, often framed by trees, balanced by strong light and open space.  Her largest work to date is 240 x 180 cm (limited only by the size of her studio door!).  She is inspired by her local woodland and the winter floods.
Paintings are usually inspired by a specific and often familiar view, and sketches worked up in the studio where more abstract elements evolve.  Her colours are inspired by the season and location, and heightened to enhance emotion and structure in the work. Central to her work are the balance of colour and form, and just as important are the mood of the landscape and the pure sensation of colour itself.  She enjoys the effect of big blocks of colour, graded subtly by the use of large brushes. Increasingly,   Her work has been inspired by both Matisse and Hitchens.