Arabella Ross

Ross makes individual ceramic pieces based on drawings made from observation and travel to different cultures.  Ross’s vessels and dwellings acts as containers for emotions and a metaphor for the imagination.  She draws on imagery of exposed and sunlit interiors, rooms with lines incised and drawings on the clay, windows and doors that are boarded up and secret doorways as though entering into a shrine.


Mono printing on clay, painting with oxides and transferring images all brings spontaneity to the vocabulary of form and surface.

It is the juxtaposition between the painterly and the sculptural in its exploration of how processes can have their own effect on a work.  

Having completed an MA Post Graduate, Fine Art painting at Chelsea school of Art and most recently a Ceramics Diploma at the City Lit.


Ross’s work is found in private collections; London, San Francisco, Vienna, Verbier, Paris, Aix-en-Provence, St Tropez and Tokyo.